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 NameYour Boyfriend Game
 UpdatedAug 24, 2023
 Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
 Last version1.0
 Size144 MB
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The description of Your Boyfriend Game

Your Boyfriend Game is a fascinating mobile dating simulation with a dark and haunting storyline. Bringing to life an intense and emotional relationship between you and your boyfriend, this unique game is designed to evoke a range of powerful emotions.

However, it’s important to note that this game may not be suitable for those easily influenced by negative themes. The players will dive into an immersive role-playing experience that intrigues and surprises them.

With a strange and unpredictable boyfriend character, players can expect the unexpected at every turn. This guy may be madly in love with the player, but his actions may be uncomfortable and bizarre.

However, he seems to have no barrier when demonstrating his affection, so players must brace themselves for what’s to come. Whether it’s a sweet gesture or a creepy one, this game promises to keep things exciting and keep players on their toes.

With so many surprises in store, there’s never a dull moment in the world of Your Boyfriend. For those who love a good psychological thriller, this game is for you. It is a game simulating an alarming relationship that will fright players.

The game is not for the faint of heart, as it brings up some of the darkest themes, such as pursuit, kidnapping, suicide, and obsession. The developers did not hold back on the game’s dark themes, creating an experience that leaves you anxious and horrified.

With stunning graphics and a realistic portrayal of a relationship falling apart, the game is an unforgettable experience. Be prepared to feel your heart racing as you dive into this psychological horror game.

App Screenshots

App Features

Game is a unique visual novel that takes you through various circumstances where you must navigate through discussions and make decisions that will impact your story. The interactive aspect of the game allows you to choose your path, leading you to different outcomes and endings.

Each ending is distinct, and none are necessarily positive, providing a true-to-life experience filled with good and bad consequences. The game is an immersive experience that will challenge decision-making skills and offer a thought-provoking and exciting adventure.

Unique choices

This game is exciting since it allows you to make decisions! They give you little discretion and only a short time window to decide. It all comes down to the plot, which forces you to follow this man even when you find him unpleasant.

Uncomfortable Encounter

Because of its potentially disturbing content, the Your Boyfriend mobile game is not recommended for young children or those with sensitive personalities.


Playing the game can be a challenging experience as you navigate conversations with a man who exudes annoyance and tension. The atmosphere is palpably stifled, leaving you with few options to steer the conversation in your desired direction.

To make matters worse, the man’s appearance is not exactly a sight for sore eyes. Though it may not offer the typical pleasure found in conversation-heavy games, this unique experience allows players to explore different approaches to communication and relationships. Don’t judge the game by its cover; give it a chance and see where the tension takes you.

Play Offline

The game’s most outstanding feature is that it can be played without Internet access. To play the game, you don’t need to be online.

How to download & install

  • You’ll need to follow a few simple steps to download the APK file for this popular game.
  • First, ensure you have a reliable internet connection and enough storage on your device.
  • Then, visit a trusted website for APK downloads.
  • Once you find the appropriate file, click the download button and wait for it to finish.
  • Finally, locate the downloaded file on your device and install the game.


The game you are about to play is a visual novel, a genre that has gained popularity over the years. Unlike traditional video games, a graphic novel is about the storyline and decision-making.

You’ll find yourself engrossed in conversations and making critical decisions that will alter the game’s outcome. But don’t expect a happy ending. The tale you’re about to dive into explores themes that can be both encouraging and devastating.

You’ll come across various endings, and none are guaranteed to be positive. However, the journey matters, and you’ll find yourself drawn into the narrative as you progress through the game. So, prepare to face the consequences of your choices and experience a story that will keep you hooked until the end.

Unfortunately, choosing the mode of contact that works best for you won’t bring you much pleasure, as the atmosphere is thick with tension.

The object of your interest is annoyed by your presence, leaving you with little to no opportunity for conversation. It’s hard to tell whether the lack of communication is due to shyness or antipathy on their part, but either way, you can expect a challenging experience.

To top it all off, the object of your affection is far from conventionally attractive, making this game an acquired taste.

New Update

  • She opened the door for a shattered tale.
  • The Easter egg’s incorrectly triggered path has been identified.
  • The Linux and macOS sample prototype is currently available. More testing is needed for the Linux version, and a solution is required for the macOS version.
  • Halloween’s first and second days have arrived.
  • New images, backdrops, characters, and branch pathways from Day 1 possibilities are included in Day 2.
  • Expanding and editing are included in Base Day 1.
  • New settings for the screen size and throughout the game.
  • Restart the game after the demo concludes.
  • With many repetitions, the finale is easier to understand.
  • I deleted any extraneous code.
  • She was released for the Linux version.


  • This fresh and engaging experience is further enhanced by the game’s interactive gameplay, which allows players to make decisions and actively participate in the story’s progression.
  • Players can change the course and outcome of the story through their choices, lending a sense of agency that makes the experience more personal and engaging.
  • Beyond its entertainment value, the game offers a stimulating psychological challenge, presenting players with difficult decisions and challenges.
  • It offers a unique experience that will surely be a hit among fans of the genre.


  • While the game allows for player choices, the number and impact of these choices can be limited, resulting in a predictable storyline and limited replayability.
  • It’s important to note that this game is unsuitable for everyone, particularly individuals who may be sensitive to harmful content or psychologically vulnerable.
  • The game’s stressful and pressurized environment can also contribute to feelings of stress and discomfort.
  • Before participating in this game, consider whether it’s an appropriate choice.


How can guarantee 100% security for Your Boyfriend’s Game App?

We search Google Play for the appropriate APK file and enable users to download it directly if they wish to download an APK file from (of course, they are cached on our server). If the APK file is unavailable on Google Play, it can be in our cache.

Is it free to download?

You may use your Android device to play the game for free. To play the game without a subscription, download and install the APK file.

How come Android App Permission is required to download Your Boyfriend Game App?

Applications must have access to the systems of specific devices. A program will notify you of all the rights it needs as soon as it is installed.

Does installing an APK from allow updating it from the Play Store?

Of course, yes. Except for downloading and installing your service, the Play Store installs from Google’s servers, and the loading of pages from sites such as is the same.
When you download the updated app, an update will start immediately.

Is Your Boyfriend Game 18+?

Yes, only those who are at least 18 years old can play the game. This is due to the horror and horrifying aspects present in the visual novel, which include kidnapping, suicide, and self-harm, among other things.

Can I play games with my boyfriend even if we’re not in the exact location?

Yes, you may use the app to play games with your partner, even alone in the same room. All you have to do is get online and begin playing.


Your Boyfriend Game offers a genuinely innovative and thrilling experience. You won’t find anything like it in this genre, as it is more intricate than any other title.

Though the psychological elements might be a bit unnerving to some players, there are countless rewards in completing this captivating journey.

Get ready to embark upon a love story unlike any other that you’ll never forget by downloading Game Today! Invite your friends and family to join in on the imaginative experience that BlackShepherd has crafted to ensure no one misses out.

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