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NameCarstream APK
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DevelopersThe Kiran Kumar
Minimal Support Required4.1 and Above
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The description of Carstream APK

Carstream Apk is an Android entertainment application you can use on your car, providing a seamless experience similar to Android Auto. With this innovative application, Android users can effortlessly access and utilize various apps on their Android devices while driving.

Much like its counterpart, Android Auto, Carstream offers the convenience of accessing multiple features directly from your car’s interface. However, what sets Carstream apart are its unique and enhanced capabilities.

One notable feature includes the ability to play videos on your phone and seamlessly mirror them onto the screen of your Android device in the car. This ensures uninterrupted entertainment during long drives or commutes.

It is worth mentioning that Android Auto itself provides a wide range of services exclusively designed for Android users who wish to operate their favorite apps conveniently through their car’s screen interface, making it an indispensable tool for enhancing one’s automotive experience with ease and efficiency.

The GPS feature is one of this app’s most vital and practical components, offering users accurate navigation assistance. However, it doesn’t stop there; entertainment applications have also found their place within this remarkable platform for drivers to enjoy.

Among these, YouTube undoubtedly takes center stage as one of the world’s most popular video-sharing platforms, boasting billions of videos readily accessible to its users. There is a complication when watching videos while operating a vehicle. It poses significant risks.

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  • You can use and download the app for free.
  • Utilize your Android phone to watch YouTube videos.
    It works well as a substitute for the Android Auto app.
  • Gain Access to Features That Are Locked and Blocked
  • Only root devices are supported
    Interface that is easy to use
  • View Any Video With Your Car’s Built-in Video Player It Is Not Compatible With Third-Party Advertisers
  • No Need to Register
  • There is an auto-stream option available.
  • The finest alternative for streaming videos while operating a vehicle.
  • Numerous More

How to download and Install

The fastest way to download for your Android is by using the link available at the top download button of this page. You have come to the right place if you are looking for YouTube videos or mirroring other apps.

The download process will take only a short time, so you’ll need to make some changes to the settings before you can install it. You must allow “Unknown Source” from your Android device’s security settings. It is a mandatory procedure that you must finish before the Apk installation.

After downloading, you must touch on the Apk file and choose the install option. Installation of the app is limited to your phone; it cannot be done on the panel. This will enable you to run Android Auto or display other apps after installation.


  • User-friendly interface: The simple and intuitive interface of Carstream makes it easy for anyone to use, even those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Rich set of features: With its numerous features, Carstream offers a tailored viewing experience that can cater to different preferences and needs.
  • Versatility: Carstream provides entertainment during car trips and allows users to access various content through its search engine.


  • Limited compatibility: Carstream is only available for Android devices and may not be compatible with all car models, limiting its accessibility.
  • Reliance on Internet connection: To stream content, users will need a stable Internet connection, which may not always be possible during long car trips in remote areas.
  • Legal concerns: Some countries have strict laws against using mobile devices while driving, so using Carstream could lead to legal issues if not used responsibly.


Is it different from Android Auto?

Yes, using it differs slightly from using Android Auto. It’s a third-party app, and you can get some extra features.

How to connect Car Stream APK with Android Auto?

The application can be connected via Bluetooth or a USB cord.

Are There Any Android Users’ Alternatives to Android Auto Apps?

Yes, you can use many of them in place of Android Auto, including Carstream.


In conclusion, Carstream Apk is a valuable and innovative app that allows users to access their favorite streaming services right from the comfort of their car. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Android Auto provide a convenient way to stay entertained while on the road.

Whether going on a long road trip or running around town, It has covered you. Download now and enhance your driving experience with endless entertainment options.

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