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Youtube Vanced APK

Youtube Vanced APK YouTube Vanced is a modded version of YouTube that allows users to watch and upload videos for free. The company that owns YouTube, Google, also needs to make money, so they decided to charge for certain features. However, with YouTube Vanced, you can still enjoy all the features of YouTube for free.

YouTube Vanced has many features that regular YouTube does not have. For example, you can play videos in the background while you use other apps, or even when your screen is turned off.

You can also block all ads on YouTube, so you can watch your videos uninterrupted. In addition, YouTube Vanced allows you to download videos directly to your device so you can watch them offline.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy all the features of YouTube without having to pay, then YouTube Vanced is the perfect solution for you.

Get the most out of your videos with this powerful app. Download YouTube Vanced APK MOD (Premium Unlocked/No Ads) and enjoy all it has to offer, such as being able to hear audio or video in the background without any advertisements interrupting what you’re watching!

How does YouTube Vanced work?

First, it is recommended to log in to Google accounts to customize the YouTube home page to your liking, displaying the channels you subscribe to.

Once this is done, you can watch the videos as normal, with the peculiarity that the ads will be automatically blocked! You don’t need to configure anything at this stage, as YouTube applies the tool as shortly as the Vanced application is installed properly.

A further feature that you can activate in the app is also to remove the ads that YouTube normally displays on the home screen. To do this, just go to “Ad Settings” and exit the option marked “Ads on Home Screen”. Ready! With its help, it is possible to bypass all the nasty ads that YouTube usually shows.

Besides, there is still much to explore. By going into Vanced’s settings, it’s possible to activate useful options like checking YouTube’s resolution, for both Wi-Fi and mobile data, and even a preferred speed for videos. In addition, the user can also enable the use of automatic subtitles on YouTube Vanced through the app settings.

The YouTube Vanced interface is also customizable like the original YouTube app, allowing the user to use it in both light and dark themes.

With this, the setting can be easily adjusted to be as comfortable as possible.

Our Opinion on Youtube Vanced

The app manages to be great in everything it proposes. Initially, the main objective is to ban the constant ads from YouTube, which is successfully done, but after exploring the platform it is possible to see that the advantages go further.

The YouTube Vanced interface is practically the same as the original app, which can make the user more comfortable when making this transition, as the changes from one platform to the other are minimal.

In addition, there are wonderful new functions that make it even better to use, such as automating subtitles and video quality.

Yet, what can make YouTube Vanced a small negative is the installation process itself. In our tests, getting the android app to work properly took some time, which is to say that other people may also experience the same block.

If you can get past this installation stage, you’ll see that it’s all advantages! If stable advertisements are getting in the way of using YouTube, both for study and enjoyment, we highly suggest YouTube Vanced!

Youtube Vanced Download 2022

YouTube does not deliver users the capability to download videos. As a development, people utilizing YouTube will require to use third-party tools to download videos found on YouTube. That’s where Vanced Youtube comes into the picture.

The appearance suggested by Youtube Vanced is completely equal to the official YouTube app. So, anyone familiar with the YouTube app will learn to use the Vanced Youtube app in no time. If you’ve never heard of YouTube, you might be wondering what it actually is, so let me explain YT vanced.

App Screenshots

Many new features

The most important feature, which this app development team puts on top, is blocking ads. No more ads to bother you. Even the ads placed by the person posting the video, the YouTube ads they placed themselves will disappear. You can watch your favorite content comfortably.

The application delivers us a dark theme option. In complement to the gray on YouTube, this app also has black in the dark. This helps us to use it comfortably in the dark without eye strain. Also, keep the battery on some phone tabs.

A feature you just get when operating the premium version of YouTube, Picture in Picture. With this feature, you can watch videos comfortably without opening the app. A small window will play your video on the screen while you are using another app.

Watching movies while playing games with it is no longer a dream. Or if you do nothing else, just turn off your phone screen. The video will still play without pausing. This app now has the most advanced features available for free.

Customize the app

Although it was designed very simply. But not everyone has the same conditions. So this app offers multiple different customization options about the app itself or the details of the video you are watching. You can find it in the app settings. Customization You can show ads, remove community posts, remove comments, and remove the search bar, … With videos, you can modify the parameters of the number of frames per second, end screen, watermark, etc.


After it was announced, version 2 attracted many users. As this new update has many improved features, firstly, it fixes the settings on Android 5 and 6 devices. Secondly, it improves Vanced Youtube, and Youtube Music launch time and improves performance. Third, the update has a new look, is elegant, and is suitable for many people’s aesthetic points of view.

The app permits you to force HDR playback or turn off 60 fps if you prefer a more cinematic experience by recording codec choices. You can change the default playback speed between 0.25x and 2x depending on your listening needs and abilities. For any device, this version is capable of crisp 4k playback due to its high resolution.

Youtube vanced apk download also allows you to change ads, community tab posts, and movie sales. The banner report is compact but very clear. If you don’t like comments or comments, you can again delete them to bypass inconvenience.


In addition to the facts of the previous version, this version 2 has additional features, which improve the ease of the application process. The release creates color options for the user to reduce eye strain and battery life. The unique feature of both versions is to block ads while watching videos, but version 2 adds a feature that allows you to play videos in the background or picture-in-picture (for Android on 8.0). In addition, you can control brightness and volume with swipe controls.

The version also offers an auto-repeat feature, which lets you play songs or watch TikTok videos over and over again. It also makes it easy for users if they want to watch a video until they get bored. This feature saves you from manipulating to select again.


When watching videos or listening to music, if you don’t like difficult parts, you can, for example, skip the opening, closing, and registration prompts. This version also allows skipping other categories, and annoying classes. You can get more information about the app’s behavior using the API. At the same time, it allows you to contribute to the wider community and submit your own threads to the API.

Based on the categories played in the playback timeline, you can mark those sections with different specific colors. automatically skip sections or categories; Choose whether to show or ignore the scope button. You are in complete control. This feature is enabled for users. They will not be disturbed by these changes.

background audio

It’s just a feature that should be available for free by default but isn’t. However, with YT Vanced APK you have this feature enabled in an unlimited freeway, so you can enjoy your music or PodCast with your cell phone screen off.

background video

Watching YouTube videos in the background on Android phones is possible with the native download of the YouTube Vanced app. A feature in the application’s advanced settings that allows you to have a window with a video on top of other applications, making it possible to watch videos while using other applications.

Video quality improvement

With Youtube Vanced apk 2021 you can push the default video resolution to the highest or lowest quality you like, and override the screen resolution for crisp 4k playback on any device. It can let you change the default playback speed anywhere between 0.25x to 2x (if your device is strong enough).

Download also allows you to override video codecs, such as forcing H264 for older devices or VP9, ​​and also allows you to force HDR playback or turn off 60fps if you Prefer cinema knowledge. (Custom device settings for these features can be found on discord or XDA Developers).

Built-in brightness and audio control

Slider audio and brightness controls allow you to shortcut the video itself without having to stop using the content to make these changes. These features are also found in other video player apps such as VLC or MX Player (with configurable padding).


  • With Youtube Vanced APK 2021 you have the option of a black AMOLED theme or a dark one (default) to reduce eye and battery strain while using the app.
  • The new auto-repeat feature allows you to enjoy videos like TikTok/Vine or just play a song on loop.
  • Don’t like the new comments section or mini-player? They can also be converted to tablet versions, which are very similar to the old version (albeit with a few bugs).
  • no ads
  • Background player

How to fix the login and Chromecast issue?

1. Download the modified microG
2. Install it as you normally would any other APK.
3. Enjoy


To be able to use the new features of the app, you require to follow several efforts. First, you need to install the full version on your device. Then you open the Vanced Manager app and choose the app to download first or arrange the Vanced Youtube and Youtube songs. If your phone is rooted then you choose to grant root permission.

Otherwise, press the Click button. This new version has a changed interface, so when you select settings, new knowledge and features will appear on your screen. Want to know more about version information? Go to Ellipse, select Settings, Refresh Manager and that’s about it!

With version 2, you can select which version you like to suit your phone as it has been updated in terms of interface and configuration changes. Installation and update is also more convenient for users. This version has the chance to provide you with the best entertainment!


  1. Download and install the ❤️ Medsfit Installer.
  2. open the applicationAPKCombo Installer
  3. tap uninstall
  4. Select the files you want to install: .apk, .obb, .zip, .xapk, .apkm, .apks
  5. tap onOK
  6. Follow the steps on the screen.

XAPK, APKS (App Bundle), ZIP (APK+OBB)

What’s new


main changes:

  • collided base

sponsor block changes:

  • fixed sponsor lock buttons after watching any short film
  • added view category
  • added duration of videos without segments
  • added sponsor blocking stats
  • added configurable category colors
  • added support for import/export of sponsor blocking settings

known issues:

  • streaming to Chromecast is still interrupted in non-rooted due to microg (applies to root version also when using microg). it will need to be fixed first. switch to the root version or use youtube stock for now (advanced doesn’t block casting ads anyway)
  • swipe down to update (it’s a lithograph bug, explained here)

Download Youtube Vanced Mod APK Latest Version for Android

YouTube Vanced FAQ

Does YouTube Vanced have YouTube Premium features?

Yes, you can use all the premium features in the advanced app for free.

How to download YouTube Vanced

You can easily download this mod by visiting this page and following the instructions.


So, there you have it – an in-depth look at YouTube Vanced. We’ve shown you how to install it, given a few of its features, and told you about some of the benefits that come with using this app over the official YouTube app. Whether you decide to use it or not is entirely up to you but we highly recommend giving it a try! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out our website for more great android apps like YouTube Premium APK.

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