Top 6 Common Health Issue in World

In this modern technology world, millions of people are not taking care of their health due to bad routine work, bad routine of eating food without any timetable. So, here we explore some of the most common health issue in the world which increase the ratio of genetics disease and death ratio in the world, which we are afraid will increase day after day.

1- Overweight & Obesity

One of the most discussed and common health issue is overweight and obesity all over the world. The highest number of deaths records in humans due to overweight hypertension. Due to Weight Gain, many other diseases catch your body like diabetes and colon cancer.

Many medical practitioners advise fatty people to reduce weight by doing regular workouts. By reducing body fat, many diseases get away from body organs. If you are really very worried about your health, then consult with your physician.


Most illiterate people don’t know about HIV/AIDS which is a common health issue in the U.S. This is a very Harmful and sometimes genetically sexual disease of same-sex sometimes which is a transfer from parents to children’s. HIV/AIDS cases occur in the U.S in a high ratio. From 1991 to 1996 more than 15% of cases registered in the U.S in aged people like 45 to 50 years of HIV.

Many People want to know about HIV symptoms that are listed below here:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight Loss
  • Dementia
  • Skin Rashes

If anyone found these diseases then consult with HIV Specialist, the other main reason for HIV/AIDS that if someone has multiple time relations with the same gender sex or with opposite multiple humans. According to a survey, most Medical Practitioner says it non curable disease, the only way to prevent HIV AIDS don’t do bad things or wrongdoing.

3- Mental Health

Mental Health issue also called dementia. It is a very serious and harmful problem in which the human fight with its own brain. There are several types of mental health issues like Alzheimer’s. During this mental obstacle, the infected person carries more than one problem like hearing problems sometimes, visual problems, and not concentrating on something specific.

The most common and noticed state of mental health is called depression which leads the person to early aging life or sometimes suicide commit. According to the survey report, most of the suicide committed by students are because of their career and education depression which affects their mental health.

4- Drugs & Alcohol

Drug & Alcohol are usually known as substance abuse, this common health issue records in the majority of young people who have used drugs, and alcohol in high quantity are the reason for liver failure and heart failure due to decreasing hemoglobin levels in the infected body.

According to a world survey report, many young people don’t know about the alcoholic medication which they consumed in a high quantity that causes many serious health problems and issues. Some alcoholic medicine and also called drugs are clinically proven by authorized Health centers but patients don’t know hot consume them and how much.

5- Physical Activity & Nutrition’s  

Clinical Research proves that physically fit and healthy person may prevent their body from various types of disease. Several kinds of diseases like heart attack, cholesterol diabetes, and depression can’t be attacked on the person who is physically active. This is also a common health issue around the globe.

Your body health and activeness depend on your daily life routine workout. If you really want to live a happy and joyful life then follow a routine diet full of body movement and one more important thing is, avoid fatty foods like sweets and candies which is the cause of weight gain.

6- Sexual Disorders

Last but not the least common health issue in the world especially in men’s life is sexual disorders. Most of the divorce cases in couples were reported due to sexual disorders in men and also women. The sexual disorder occurs due to some other health issues in which the most common health issue is mental health and depression.

Another cause of sex disorder in both genders is sleep quality with the abnormal routine of food like junk food. But this disorder can be cured if you regularly consult with your family doctor and implement the prescribed by the medical practitioner.

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