Super Green Malay Kratom: Can You Plant The Kratom Plant In Your Backyard?

Southeast Asia is the natural home of the tropical herb kratom. This herb’s popularity began to spread worldwide once it was found in the early 19th century. This herb was traditionally chewed and consumed by boiling the leaves. There are numerous methods to ingest this herb today, though.

Kratom is well-known for having a variety of uses in addition to having numerous strains for its devotees. Popular kratom strain Super Green Malay Kratom is derived from Malaysia. Super Green Malay users assert that it has calming and analgesic qualities. Additionally, they assert that this strain boosts energy and creates a slight euphoria in the body.

Kratom is, in fact, famously challenging to grow. You will struggle with this unless you can mimic the plant’s identical growing environment in a greenhouse or already reside in a tropical region.

This post will teach you everything you need to know about cultivating kratom trees, though it’s challenging.

3 Ways To Grow Kratom:

Kratom Seeds

It is possible to grow kratom from seeds. However, it is the trickiest technique to start this tree. Only a tiny portion of Mitragyna Speciosa seeds will germinate in the wild, carrying them far and wide by the wind. Kratom growers have noted on online forums that only around 20% of the seeds are genuinely viable and rapidly lose viability when they fall off the tree. 

Kratom Seedlings

Suppose you’re fortunate enough to have a kratom nursery nearby. In that case, you might even be able to purchase a small, fully-grown kratom tree or clone. This is the perfect answer if you don’t have a green thumb or want to use fresh kratom more quickly than you could with kratom seeds.

Mitragyna Speciosa clones are frequently acclimated to your climate zone, another benefit of purchasing them from a nursery. That means your plant has already made the necessary modifications, so you won’t have to worry about trying to recreate the steamy circumstances!

Kratom Cuttings

Kratom is most frequently grown from cuttings; this method is the most well-liked. When your live cuttings arrive, pot them in a sterile medium and cover them with Ziploc bags. Add some natural or artificial light and a light source to the top to make a little tropical greenhouse. To compare the results, you might want to try some cuttings with and some without rooting hormone, as gardeners claim they can grow with or without it.

Factors To Consider Before Growing Kratom:

  1. Sufficient Space

Mitragyna Speciosa trees are enormous, approximately 40 feet or taller. This is not a feasible long-term project for you if you rent a home, live in an apartment, or have a small unit.

  1. Time And Patience

Daydreaming about having access to kratom is one thing, but taking care of a young tree every day and making necessary adjustments is quite another. A garden or garden tech requires time, money, and ongoing maintenance to set up. Remember to take care of your kratom plant while you’re away from home. In this situation, you must choose a trustworthy replacement with the necessary knowledge.

  1. Climate-Appropriate Conditions

For within reason, Mitragyna Speciosa may adapt to a variety of climates. You might try growing kratom from a mature clone if you live somewhere with moderate winters and lots of rain. However, cultivating kratom is probably out of the question if your region is notorious for snow, sleet, and ice.

  1. Failure

Mitragyna Speciosa specimens still have a high possibility of failing, even with complete dedication and high-quality kratom seeds or cuttings. You may need to try numerous times before you find a cutting or seed that grows.

Ideal Growing Conditions:

Temperature: Kratom has adapted to the seasonal weather, which includes very high temperatures in the warm season and a lot of rain in the wet season, like other plants that flourish in these areas. The temperature should be between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

The pH of the soil: The kratom forests’ fertile soil has a pH balance that ranges from 5.5 to 6.5. You must get a soil testing kit to ensure you fall inside this range.

Soil Nutrients: Kratom grows well on the mineral-rich volcanic soil in these world regions. The humus in the soil is abundant by nature. You may purchase this soil enhancer to improve your soil at any gardening store.

Also, the soil needs to store a lot of moisture without being weighed down. You’ll require a sizable drainage system to let the surplus moisture drain without being wholly sucked out. Bugs and fungi will grow if there is too much dampness.

Full or partial sun exposure: Kratom prefers bright light all day. Remember that this plant grows in densely forested areas frequently shielded from light by the canopy above. As kratom grows, it strives for this light and serves to block the light from other plants below it. Kratom can thrive in low-light conditions but will grow considerably more quickly in direct sunlight.

Duration It Takes To Grow The Tree

You’ll likely have to wait a long time before you can harvest kratom, whether you grow it from seed or cuttings. It must be relatively large to remove leaves off the tree without injury. Before the tree reaches a size acceptable for harvesting, it can take up to 3 or 4 years. 


Kratom is quite challenging to grow. Unless you have a large yard and live in a hot environment, you probably won’t have enough leaves to stop purchasing it altogether. Growing kratom, however, can be a valuable experience for those who are committed to doing it regardless.

The majority of kratom tree leaves that are harvested have red veins. White veins can be found in younger leaves, whereas green veins can be found in middle-aged trees.

To grow this plant successfully, you must try to establish a jungle-like atmosphere. This calls for high temperatures (above 25 degrees Celsius), high humidity (over 80%), a lot of water (but not drenching wet), and a lot of light.

Before you get into growing kratom in your backyard:

  • Conduct proper research.
  • Consult kratom farmers.
  • If everything is suitable, have fun growing your kratom trees.
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