Slim 400 Death Video – Get More Details

Slim 400 Death Video – A video of Slim 400 being beaten while sitting in an alley recently went viral, after claims of his being slain and shot through the skin.
He was shot many times, according to the clip.
In the viral video, the suspect is seen walking down the aisle with a weapon in his hand.
He then proceeds to the car’s driver’s seat, where the rapper has taken a seat.
2021151 More information is expected after a flash in the footage with an exploding pistol and slim pounced on the suspect.
Photographs were heard frequently as the rapper and the gunman moved along the street.
On December 8, the Inglewood Police Department went to a gunshot report and located the slim 400 in a terrible situation within the driveway, according to TMZ.
He was admitted to the hospital, according to reports.

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