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 App NameSD Maid Pro APK
 Latest Version5.4.1
 MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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SD Maid Pro APK

SD Maid Pro APK app offers all the features and functionality you need to keep your phone clean and organized. With its pro functionality, SD Maid Pro is the most advanced and comprehensive file processing app available today.

If your phone has been neglected for a while and is in need of a good cleaning, then be sure to download SD Maid Pro today.

What is SD Maid Pro APK?

SD Maid Pro is the most advanced cleaner app with a simple user interface that will help you easily guide all the features and create more space by deleting duplicates, uninstalled apps, and unwanted files. has happened Meanwhile, it supports system-wide stuff if you have proper root access.

It works with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Still, rooted devices have the power to control apps and can use Root Explorer to manage system-wide things.

Database optimization plays a key role if you want to achieve a smoother experience and lower latency overall. Database optimization also saves a small part of storage almost negligible.

Why do we use SD Maid Pro?

We use SD Maid Pro because it is the most comprehensive and advanced file processing app available today. It offers all the features and functionality we need to keep our phones clean and organized. With its pro functionality, SD Maid Pro is the most innovative and preeminent file processing app ever.


  • Overview – This displays your device details, root status, and storage.
  • Explorer – The file browser allows you to move, create, rename and delete files. If you have root access, you can also make system changes.
  • AppControl – In this section, all the apps you have installed are listed here. Actually, you can manage them with the given tools.
  • Corpse Finder – Corpses are files or directories that SD Maid Pro thinks to belong to an application that is no longer installed. This feature can assist you to remove these protections from uninstalled apps.
  • System Cleaner – It scans disliked files and deletes them safely.
  • App Cleaner – It deletes app data except for the necessary ones.
  • Duplicates – Scan the entire storage and find copies that need to be deleted.
  • Analyzer – With this, you can find out what is carrying up most of your space.
  • Database – This will optimize the database by using the SQL command VACUUM. After performing this, you will see some performance changes.
  • Exclude – You can ban a specific folder or subfolder by giving the appropriate path.
  • Scheduler – Add a scheduler for some of the above features to run automatically.


Brings a great application with a pro function that every user requires to have on their device. It has enabled and added some more strong performance features. Integrated with many features, SD Maid Pro allows users to clean junk cache, speed up other application experiences and manage memory with maximum capacity.

In addition, the application acts as a smartphone cleaning tool. As you can see, if the phone is cleaned regularly, the capacity to surf or use the telephone becomes a smooth task. Apart from this, the speed of movement in the application is also quick.

Your document files are duplicates, it will show you suggestions to remove the files to free up space on the phone memory card. In addition, memory cleaning also allows your phone to avoid CPU overheating and sudden temperature rise and prolongs the life of your phone.


When the apps in your phone take up a lot of space on SD, you should proceed with cleaning and speeding up the memory experience and disabling unneeded apps.

Phone Power Freeze is an additional function of SD Maid Pro that allows the user to brush the phone. It will notify you when your phone uses more than 80% of your memory and the amount of waste is too high. It’s time to clean your phone.

How to Install SD Maid Pro APK on Android?

To install SD Maid Pro on your Android device, follow these steps:

  • Download the SD Maid Pro from the link below.
  • Copy the APK to your Android device.
  • Install the APK.
  • Run SD Maid Pro and enjoy

Support Search Files by Content

This feature is available in the Pro version only. You can now search for files by content. This is especially useful if you have a lot of files and don’t know where they are located. Just enter the keyword and SD Maid Pro will find the files for you. Support for android 6.0+.

We now support Android 6.0+ devices. This means that you can now use SD Maid Pro on your new Android device with the latest operating system. Just download the APK and install it on your device. You’re all set!

Remove any Tracks Resistance After installing the App

We know that some apps try to resist being uninstalled. They do this by putting themselves in hard-to-reach places or by making it difficult to delete their data. SD Maid Pro will now detect these apps and make it easier for you to remove them from your device. Just select the app you want to remove and SD Maid Pro will take care of the rest.

NEW IN SD MAID PRO 4.12.9- Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when trying to delete certain types of files. Added support for Android Nougat (7.0) devices.

With minor improvements and bug fixes as you can see, SD Maid Pro is the most comprehensive and advanced file processing app available today. If your phone has been neglected for a while and is in need of a good cleaning, then be sure to download SD Maid Pro today.

Perfect Interface

The interface is divided into 4 tabs for easy navigation: The “System cleaning” tab contains all the features you need to clean your systems, the “App control” tab lets you manage your apps, the “Databases” tab gives you access, such as cache and residual files.

The “Duplicates” tab helps you find and delete duplicate files. The “Biggest files” tab shows you the largest files on your device. The “Scheduler” tab lets you schedule when SD Maid Pro should run. You can also use the “Search” function to quickly find the file you’re looking for.


• Improved air mess database.
• Improved App Cleaner filters.
• Improved App Cleaner compatibility with additional devices. Thanks for the bug reports.


  • Faster load < Optimized graphics and cleaner help for better result (2.53 MB total apk size).
  • All aids are encrypted.
  • Languages: En, Ru

Pixel Mod

Remove all languages except English and Russian.

  • Compression graphics
  • Zipalign
  • The icon in PixelUI style

Dark Mod

  • Optimized graphics and clean resources for fast bags
  • Pro features unlocked – no further keys required.
  • Activated the AMOLED Dark Venom theme.
  • Replaced the main icon with the Venom icon.
  • Languages: Multiple languages.


SD Maid Pro APK is definitely the best file processing application available on the market today. If your phone has not been cleaned for a long time, then own it right away. Its pro functionality has made it the most innovative and preeminent file processing application ever.

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