Resso Mod Apk v1.83.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download 2022

 NameResso Premium APK
 UpdatedJul 23, 2022
 Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
 Last version1.84.0
 Size110.20 Mb
 MODPremium Unlocked
 CategoryMusic & Audio
 DeveloperMoon Video Inc.

Resso Premium APK

Resso Premium APK 2022 mediafıre Play music from your favorite artists, playlists, or radio. Track synced songs to your favorite kinds of music. You define yourself by selecting the verses of your favorite song and sharing them on social networks.

Resso Mod Apk is an excellent music streaming app for your liking. Get ready to grip yourself in the world of music with this wonderful app from Moon Video, where you will be able to stream and enjoy high-quality music tracks on your mobile devices.

Just plug in your headphones or listen to amazing tracks via your dynamic stereo speakers. The vast music library in Resso is certain to impress many of you.

What does it do?

Here at Resso, Android users will have the chance to enjoy wonderful music streaming app with thousands of trendy and lovely tracks for you to listen to. Feel free to access the huge online library and enjoy listening to music.

Whenever and wherever you want. Find great music advice that matches your exact mood and preferences. Enjoy operating with an available and simple playback interface with many valid options.

Enjoy singing along with your synced lyrics that will follow your song to make sure you don’t skip a beat. Enable different settings and customizations for your detailed tracks, thus making the app more fun to play.

And most significantly, the app teaches an amazing music community with which you to interact freely.


For those of you who are curious, you can easily get the free app on the Google Play Store and start performing with the many features available. But to enjoy the full in-app adventures, there will be some ads and in-app ads that you need to unlock.

And like multiple other Android apps, Resso directs users to grant individual licenses to access their system. Therefore, you will need to receive its requests the first time you enter the app.

Also, it is advised that your devices run on the latest firmware performance, preferably Android 5.0 and above.

Enjoy the massive online music library

To start with, Android users in Resso will have the possibility to enjoy a large online music library with thousands of officially approved songs. Discover high-quality pieces of music with unique sounds that are sure to satisfy even the most challenging audiophiles.

Brilliant music suggestions for your personalized experiences

In extra, the app also shows a number of personalized adventures to quickly present Android users to their favorite tracks in Resso. Feel free to select songs based on your current mood and keywords searched.

Enjoy a combination of amazing music experiences at Resso and still have access to the latest songs from the graphs. But most significantly, smart and personalized music backgrounds will surely impress many of you.

Enjoy smart lyrics on your favorite tracks

Here at Resso, users will have access to smart music lyrics with useful settings and great sync to hold them delighted. Feel free to sing along to your favorite songs and stop singing whenever you control it.

Whole entire songs without adjusting playback options. And with lyric sections available, you can smoothly share your songs on any social media platform while also allowing attractive visual experiences.

Create your favorite playlists to enjoy at anytime

To hold track of your favorite songs in Resso Mod Apk, you can easily create playlists for your mixed songs and place them in well-organized classes.

Review them anytime and enjoy themed playlists to share a varied musical journey. Feel free to enjoy amazing pieces of music within the app and have fun with Resso.

Interact with the music community in Resso

At that exact time, Resso users can join the online music society and share their in-app adventures with others. Start by presenting their favorite playlists to the neighborhood so they can enjoy the music and rate the playlists.

Also, search online for other people’s playlists and find their impressive tastes in music. And feel free to share your views on some music tracks or playlists from the app which will let you interact with other users. Show your feelings and examine any chosen songs with other fellow Resso users.

Download songs to enjoy offline

To create the app even more available, Android users can now enjoy their offline listening adventures in Resso. Feel free to download many songs from the online library and enjoy them.

Resso, even when you are out and about and no internet connection is open. Just keep in mind that there are some songs that you won’t be able to download.

Main functions

  • Attend to your favorite songs, radio, and playlists.
  • Unlimited songs for free
  • Develop custom playlists
  • Real-time lyrics with your favorite tracks
  • Find music for different moods.
  • Lyrics on the lock screen
  • Follow your favorite artists.
  • Personalized suggestions – Easy to use – Vibrant music community


  • Just log in with a Facebook account;
  • Ads removed;
  • Unlimited skipping songs unlocked;
  • You can play any song.
  • The download option is working (you can download any quality);
  • Unfortunately, high-quality audio streaming is not working.

Ads removed

If you are employing the free version of the Resso app, you will be faced with a lot of ads that make your listening adventure worse and more irritating. If you want to fully remove ads from the app, you need to buy your premium subscription by consuming real money.

How to download and install Resso Premium APK?

  • If you have installed it before, uninstall the original version from Google Play.
  • Download our modified APK.
  • Let’s install apps from unknown sources from your device settings.
  • Begin installing the downloaded APK file, and wait for the process to complete.
  • Intelligent! Enjoy Resso with Premium Unlocked.

Unlimited downloads

Its numerous significant feature is Apk Mod Resso which allows you to download unlimited music which you can directly save in your device storage. Also, you can hear downloaded songs anywhere and anytime in offline mode.

Discover new content

On the home page of the application, you can find a lot of new content. It is updated according to music movements, newly released songs, and popular or popular singers’ songs. Of course, this content will occur based on your preferences.

Explore pop, rock, and rap music genres. Enjoy the sounds of favorite singers like Ed Sheeran or Lady Gaga. In addition, Resso often creates and introduces playlists, and radios by issue. As an effect, you can find a lot of new content.

Create quotes and share them with friends

Separated from the above-mentioned features, Resso also helps you create quotes based on available lyrics. You can select song lyrics, then add just fonts and available sets to the application.

Behind that, the quote will be saved as an image, you can share it on social networks or with your friends via contacts. Yet, Resso will put its logo in quotes. If you want to remove the logo, you need to subscribe to the premium plan submitted by the developer.

The great music player for Android phones

If you’re examining for a music player just for hearing to music, Resso is also a wonderful choice to replace your device’s default player.

The music player interface of the application is fairly simple and contains detailed information about the song. You can intuitively view the lyrics, set image, artist, album info of the current song.

Apart from this, other information such as the number of likes, mentions or shares is also displayed. This data reference is, of course, created by logged-in and interactive users in Resso.

Resso also has some other features, which allow you to move tracks on back. In refined mode, you can create your playlist (playlist), favorite list, shuffle or timer off.

Of course, default apps don’t have this, and even content filtering can be hard. Resso will solve this situation with filters. You can choose songs by artist, release time, albums and more.

Connect with others

Resso includes a built-in commenting feature that lets you connect with other fans and share your feelings. Especially, you can read or write to a song and post a comment when you’re in play mode.

There, the latest words will be displayed. You can see what people think about it, then share your opinions by commenting on posts on social media.

Resso Mod Apk Download for Android


You can now enjoy your favorite music without having to strain your eyes or fingers. Resso is a beautifully designed and easy-to-use music app that will let you listen to your favorite songs and playlists in comfort. With high-quality music tracks available for exploration, this app is sure to impress.

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