Paramount Plus on PS5 How to Install and Watch ?

Paramount Plus Ps5 If you’re looking for a great way to watch your favorite Paramount movies and shows on your PS5, then you need to install and watch Paramount Plus. This app is easy to use and provides a great streaming experience. Keep reading to learn how to install and watch Paramount Plus on your PS5!

The best streaming services are those which provide the most engaging content. To help you find this type of service, we’ve created a list of our favorite picks for 2023!

This article will help you get the Paramount Plus streaming service on your PS5 console. The steps are straightforward and easy to follow, so don’t worry!

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that has been rebranded from CBS All Access. It was originally launched on October 28th, 2014 with no changes to its name or programming until March 4th, 2020 when it became known as “Paramountplus”.

The Paramount Plus service is a great way to catch up on your favorite movies, shows, and original programming. You can also watch Live Channels with this awesome platform!

Paramount Plus on PS5

With Paramount Plus, you can watch your favorite content without network coverage. Downloading is easier than ever before! There is more than 30,000 on-demand programming content in the Paramount Plus library. And you can watch NFL games or PGA golf matches with this service!

Paramount Plus is accessible at two different plans such as the Essential plan ($4.99/month or $49.99/annum) which is an ad-supported plan and the Premium plan ($9.99/month or $99.99/annum) which is an ad-free plan (you may see ads about the Paramount Plus programming content).

How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus?

This section will help you with the steps that should be followed to sign up for Paramount Plus.

Step1: Browse on your PC or Smartphone.

Step2: Now tap on the Try Paramount+ button.

Step3: Then make a click on Try It Free and opt for a plan of your choice.

Step4: Then click Continue and add your personal information like name, email address, and a new password.

Step5: Now opt for Continue and add your payment information.

Step6: After doing so, opt for Start Paramount+.

How to Install & Watch Paramount Plus PS5 via Screen Mirroring?

To be a Screen mirroring, make sure both the smartphone and the PS5 are on the same internet connection, which is fundamental.

1) The first step is to install Paramount Plus on your smartphone and log in with your credentials to install the Paramount Plus on PS5.

2) As soon as this happens, launch the Paramount Plus app and select your favorite content to stream Paramount Plus.

3) After that, to use the Paramount Plus on the PS5, click on the screen mirror option and tap on the name of your PS5 device.

4) Finally, it will stream the Paramount Plus without any hassle.

How to Get Paramount Plus on PS5?

The only way to get the Paramount Plus app on PlayStation 5 is by going through workarounds. This guide will show you how to get the Paramount Plus on PS5 via screen mirroring.

Step1: Install the Paramount Plus app and the Screen Mirroring app on your Smartphone.

Step2: Then log in to the Paramount Plus app on your Smartphone.

Step3: Launch the same Wi-Fi on your PlayStation 5 and Smartphone.

Step4: Set up the Speaker with your PlayStation 5.

Step5: Press the PlayStation button on your PS5 controller.

PlayStation 5

Step6: Now opt for Game Base and go for Options on your PlayStation 5.

Step7: Then opt for Go to Game Base and choose a friend on your PlayStation 5.

How to Install & Watch Paramount Plus on PS5?

Step8: Send a message as on your PlayStation 5.

download the Paramount Plus

Step9: Now click on the link that you’ve sent to your friend on your PlayStation 5.

Step10: Then browse on your PlayStation 5. You’ll be shown a QR code on your PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 tv

Step11: Now launch the Screen Mirroring app on your Smartphone and scan the QR code.

Screen Mirroring app

Step12: Then opt for the Screen Mirroring button and click Start Broadcast in the Screen Mirroring app on your Smartphone.

You can see your Smartphone screen on your PlayStation 5 connected TV.

Step13: Now launch the Paramount Plus app on your Smartphone. And watch its content on your PlayStation 5.

Alternative Method: Paramount Plus on PS5 using PS Remote Play

As per our information, Paramount Plus is not accessible on PS5. So you can also get the Paramount Plus on your PS5 console using the PS Remote Play method.

Step1: As a first thing, set up a valid source of internet connection to your Smart Phone and PS5.

Step2: After that, you’ve to search for and install the Paramount Plus on your Smart Phone with its app store.

Step3: Along with that, you’ve to go through the settings tab of PS5 and enter into the Remote Play.

Step4: Proceed to enable the Remote Play feature and set your PS5 on Rest mode through the settings.

Paramount Plus

Step5: Besides, head to system settings to turn on the Rest mode through the feature tab on the power saving option.


Step6: Now, tick on the checkboxes which are Stay Connected to the internet and enable turning on PS5 from the network.

set function

Step7: Initiate installing the PS Remote Play app on your phone and open it.

ps remote

Step8: Enter the credentials of PS5 on your PS Remote Play app and combine your Phone and PS5.

Step9: Therefore, now your Phone screen will start to display on your PS5 screen then start to watch ParamountPlus on PS5.

How do I install it on PS5?

However, we can mirror the content of Paramount Plus on Sony’s newest console. These steps will assist you in obtaining Paramount Plus.

  1. On your Smartphone, download the Paramount Plus and Screen Mirroring apps.
  2. Log in to the Paramount Plus account
  3. Connect your phone and PlayStation (make sure to connect the same wifi connections)
  4. Press the PlayStation button
  5. Search game base and goto option
  6. Now select your friend in-game base
  7. After will send a message to your friend at on PS5.
  8. Click the sent link to your friend
  9. Go to on your PS5
  10. Get your Smartphone and open the screen mirroring app
  11. Scan the QR code displayed in step 9.
  12. Click the screen mirroring button and select start broadcast on your phone.
  13. Now Get the paramount plus app on your phone and start streaming on PS5.

What are some of Paramount Plus’ benefits?

The beauty of having Paramount Plus on your PS5-powered device is that you no longer have to pay for cable services. You can save money and enjoy all the favorite shows, movies etc., just as if they were streaming from home!

You can enjoy watching your favorite shows without commercials or ad breaks, thanks to Paramount Plus. You will be able catch up on episodes once they air and there is a new one every day!

If you’re looking for a way to keep up with the latest and greatest movies, then look no further than DVD Movies. With this service in your library at all times-whether it be on Disc or Digital media -you will never have an excuse not watch something great again!

Wrapping Up

With the Playstation 5 being a hub for all your entertainment needs, it makes sense that this new gaming console was also designed with streaming services in mind. It can now be used as an OTT platform or just another way to enjoy games on demand!

Since you can say that there are many different varieties available in PS4, PS5, etc., there is an app PS5 Paramount Plus on PS5. This Paramount Plus has a load of streaming materials such as shows, etc. We hope the above article helps you understand how to install and see paramount plus ps5.

FAQ on Paramount Plus on PlayStation

1.)What is the Paramount Plus app? Explain in detail.

The PS4 Console -assisted apps that come with subscription are Paramount Plus. Therefore, this Paramount Plus contains on -demand content and 13000+ TV shows. In addition, you also find the original shows and shows of other networks such as SpongeBob, SquarePants, MTV’s Laguna Beach, and more. Not only this, but also in Paramount Plus also has kids shows, comedy shows, documentary films and more. Regularly, this Paramount Plus keeps updating content for each new event.

2.)Explain the subscription details of Paramount Plus?

The content for every new episode and monthly updates are all available on Paramount Plus. You can pay $5/mo or cancel at any time to subscribe without charge, but there is also a premium plan offering that has some great benefits like allowing simultaneous streaming across multiple devices!

3.)when will major plus be available on PlayStation5?

You can stream the Paramount Plus at PlayStation 4. Click on the Paramount Plus application. It will be added to the app on the PS4, which you can stream at any time. To sign up for Paramount Plus, go to the Paramount Plus/PS4 on your PC or mobile web browser, type on -screen access code, and click on the active.

4.)Can I download Paramount Plus on PS5?

Paramount can be seen on several devices. However, playing at PlayStation 5 is currently not available but you can use machines to view your preferred shows.

5.)Is Paramount plus free?

If you are a new subscriber, you will receive a 7 -day free trial pack on After that, you can download the Paramount Application through the App Store on your Telstra TV to start streaming shows. After the expiry of the trial period, you have to pay a subscription fee until you decide to cancel your membership.


Paramount Plus Ps5 The Paramount Plus app is one of the best streaming services that offers content at reasonable prices. As such, it’s not available on PlayStation 5 yet but you can use your computer or smart phone to log in and watch all videos from their extensive library!

We hope you are satisfied with our article on how to get the Paramount Plus app for your PlayStation 5. The procedure is simple and straightforward, once it becomes available!

Thank you!

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