Lil Nas X Dad Instagram – Get Whole Detailed

Lil Nas X Dad Instagram – Boosie Badazz ended up enduring an onslaught, by and by, this end of the week for homophobic remarks made towards Lil Nas X. The Louisiana rapper wound up getting savaged by the “Old Town Road” rapper who took to web-based media to kid about a collab he had with Boosie. It was a cheerful hit at their constant to and fro that brought about an indulgent tweet from Boosie empowering Lil Nas X to submit kicked the bucket, in addition to other things.

Lil Nas X apparently got over Boosie’s tweet not long after however his dad, then again, isn’t enduring any kind of defamation towards his child. Robert Stafford, Lil Nas X’s father, went to online media where he broadcasted out Boosie Badazz. Stafford got down on Boosie’s pretentious worry for the fate of the kids as a gangsta rap with problematic ethics. “How the hellfire you’re a gangsta rapper advancing medications, weapon brutality, debasing ladies and getting high every video discussing you’re for the children man sit your dad looking ass down,” he composed. “The game has past you. We genuine Bankhead here. Dislike the person who claims it.”

The Bankhead that Stafford is referring to is probable the area in Atlanta where Lil Nas X was raised.

Boosie Badazz confronted genuine reaction after his remarks throughout the end of the week yet he terminated back at his faultfinders, guaranteeing that he’s actually cherished globally. The measure of analysis he’s gotten, in any case, has not mirrored that lately.

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