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Lawrence Brooks Dead – Obituary News – Cause Of Death – Lawrence Brooks was the oldest living agent who saw the Second World War of Veterans Veterans. They have also travelled to Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and various islands in the Pacific to build hospitals, homes and stores. He received numerous medals for his service during World War II.

The National WWII Museum hosted an automobile celebration for its 112th anniversary in September with a jeep parade and entertainment from New Orleans musicians. Notable quote. undefined I had a friend there; he had a hotel and a bar, I would go to his dad’s hom] and help deliver the alcohol to the hotel. “That’s what I didn’t understand.

“The Australians treated us like our own people treated us. – Brooks recalls in a 2021 interview with Military Times Australia’s acceptance of black soldiers at a time when they were treated differently at a home tribute to Lawrence Brooks An American hero who disappeared this morning.

Lawrence Brooks, the oldest living veterinarian of WWII at 112 years old. Here we are at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans when he was 106 years old. He certainly had an incredibly long life. Be blessed, Sir, it is an honour to meet you Rest in peace

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