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A sweet, humorous man who you may need to spend the relaxation of your existence with, who additionally brings out your terrible side. It’s adorable, cute, and awesome. Life has no that means with out it. If you ever discover a Joshua and fall in love, he’s going to live with you irrespective of how terrible matters cross. He likes to make you smile and loves how a whole lot you adore him. Once you’ve got got your Joshua, you may by no means need to allow him cross again. You may be collectively forever. I understand I may be with my antique Joshua forever; three Girl 1: Are you nonetheless collectively with this boyfriend Josh? Girl 2: OF COURSE !!I love him Joshua: I love you more! He may be relied on with any mystery and could usually have the ability to tug it off even if the going receives tough. His information and supportive nature can placed absolutely everyone comfy as he by no means judges however is usually equipped to pay attention with an open mind. It is the epitome of a actual man. A boy who’s like a ee-e book.You cannot choose a ee-e book via way of means of its cover, the advent may be deceptive. But now no longer with Joshua, he’s appealing however his character is honestly splendid and unique. You will discover your self misplaced with a Joshua. Treat women with the maximum respect. he’s honest however he’s going to additionally lie that nobody is perfect. He is a superb friend, he may be open and there for you till the end. He’s a chum to preserve and a boy to love. The maximum awesome man you may ever meet. It may be gentle, sensitive, and overprotective all on the identical time. He fights for what he believes in and could by no means go into reverse if he feels the character he cares approximately is in danger.He’s human not like what maximum men need you to believe. He’s a difficult employee via way of means of nature, however he by no means has to paintings very difficult to make his lady friend smile. Love those human beings in her coronary heart like there’s no tomorrow. He is probably spontaneous, however he prefers to invite to your choice earlier than doing some thing that could be provoking or badly taken, he is the appropriate man! Girl 1: You’re nonetheless with Joshua’s lady friend Joshua: Duhhhhh !!! He loves to inform his lady friend how a whole lot he loves her. He’s shy at first, however while you get to understand him, he opens like a ee-e book.

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