How to Transfer Files From Computer to PS4

How to Transfer Files From Computer to PS4

There might come a time when you need to move some of your files from a computer to PlayStation 4.

Gaming consoles offer more than just video games as a pastime these days. You can stream Netflix and watch YouTube, for example. And consider how much storage a console has, you might also be inclined to keep some files there.

This article will show you how to transfer files from computer to PS4 for both Mac users and MS Windows users.

Transferring Files From MacBook

Transferring files from a MacBook to a PlayStation 4 can seem tricky, but with some simple steps, anyone can do it. The process will require a few basic tools and the proper settings enabled on both machines.

The first step is to make sure that the PS4 and your MacBook are connected to the same network. If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your home, this may require manually connecting each device to the same Wi-Fi access point. Additionally, make sure that File Sharing is enabled in System Preferences on your laptop by going to “Sharing” then clicking “File Sharing” and selecting “Share Files and Folders Using AFP/SMB”.

Next, locate the folder you would like to transfer from your MacBook onto the PS4. This may be a folder of music or video content or any other type of file you want to send over. Then open Finder on your Mac and connect to the PS4 directly via its IP address. By typing in this address into Finder’s “Connect” window, it should bring up a list of folders available for you on the console.

Once connected, simply drag eligible files from your Mac into the desired folder on your PS4. You may also check off “Remember Password” so that you are not prompted every time you want to transfer new files or access existing ones. 

Depending upon file size and number of files being moved at once, transferring could take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes per item transferred – please be patient during this process! 

In case you notice that the data takes too long to transfer, consider the fact that there might be too many downloads on the Mac. How do I delete downloads on my Mac? By finding and removing them from the system.

Once a move is complete however, you can start enjoying the new media content right away without waiting for downloads or installations!

In addition to drag-and-drop transfers via Finder, there are several other applications available for Mac users looking to move content between their computer and Playstation 4. Several applications allow streaming of laptop audio/visuals onto a TV connected with the console while others facilitate local media playback as well as cloud storage integration with services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. 

No matter which path you choose when sending files between devices – official solutions provided by Apple & Sony or third-party apps – transferring files from MacBooks onto Playstation consoles has never been easier!

Transferring Files From an MS Windows Computer

For music, videos and pictures, you can transfer files directly from your Windows computer to the PS4 using a USB storage device. First, connect your USB storage device to the USB port on your Windows PC and copy the desired music, video or picture files you want to transfer into it. Then insert the USB storage device into one of the two USB ports located on the front of the PS4 console.

On your PS4 home screen, select ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Users’ then ‘Upload/Download’ and then select ‘USB Storage Device’. This will bring up a list of all media stored in your USB storage device. Select the items you would like to import and confirm that you want them imported by pressing the X button when prompted. You can also access these media files from the Media Player app on your home screen once they have been imported onto your PS4 system.

If you are wanting to transfer game save data between PCs or consoles, then this can be done through backing up and restoring data via an external drive such as a hard disk drive (HDD). To do this, first plug in an external HDD into a USB port on your PS4 console and format it for use with consoles using either FAT32 or exFAT formatting options.

Next, open up ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Application Saved Data Management’, select ‘Saved Data (in System Storage)’ then ‘Copy to USB Storage Device’. You should now be able to see all compatible saves stored on your PS4 console which can be transferred over to an external HDD in order for it to be used across different devices including PCs and other PS4 consoles. 

After transferring data over to a HDD, simply plug it into any other device capable of reading its file format such as another console or PC, go back through ‘Application Saved Data Management’ then select ‘Copy From USB Storage Device’ followed by selecting copies saved on HDD which will allow them to be transferred over onto new devices as needed.

These two methods serve as viable options for transferring files from Microsoft Windows computers over onto PlayStation 4 systems quickly and easily without any complications involved in between processes along with ensuring that all data types are handled properly in order for them not get lost during any stage of their travels between two different devices.

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