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Dr Nauman Niaz Twitter – Former quick bowler Sikander Bakht has blown up at PTV Sports anchor Dr Nauman Niaz for his verbal altercation with Shoaib Akhtar during a live transmission of the state-run TV channel a day sooner.

“I remain with Shoaib Akhtar, he is a Test cricketer,” said Bakht, talking at Geo Pakistan. “Dr Nauman is nobody, he is no one worth mentioning. He’s simply an anchor,” he added.

Bakht erupted at the “Game on Hai” have, saying that he has “just read a couple of books” to turn into an anchor on the state-run TV channel.

We routinely get objections from individuals who work there [PTV Sports] that he’s impolite to everybody,” he said. “He [Dr Nauman] thinks he gives occupations to everybody.”

Sikander Bakht proceeded to say that he was astonished Shoaib Akhtar “didn’t whip” the anchor, so, all things considered he was hindered by Geo Pakistan have Abdullah Sultan, who said: “We can’t say that on public TV.”

“Better believe it, I know,” reacted Bakht. “However, Nauman Niaz should remember that Test cricketers are Test cricketers. He offended him,” he blew up.

Bakht said that a large number of anchors travel every which way however since the beginning of Pakistan cricket’s time, just 300 or more cricketers can be named Test cricketers.

He approached Dr Nauman Niaz to apologize to the previous Pakistan speedster, saying that the Rawalpindi Express had not uttered a word offensive.

“So imagine a scenario where he took Shaheen Afridi’s name. What was the issue? We do programs each day, we can recognize when a cricketer gives wrong data however we remain silent on the grounds that we honor him as our visitor,” he added.

Previous Pakistan cricketer Marina Iqbal said whatever happened was disastrous, adding that it isn’t the correct way of treating stars on public TV.

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