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Douglas Kuzma Obituary – Dead – Obituary News – Cause Of Death – AntiVax radio host who caught COVID at QAnonFriendly conference dies “WORST ROUND” Douglas Kuzma contracted coronavirus at a conference in Texas who, according to law, was the victim of an anthrax attack. ET Doug Kuzma Far-right Podcast host Douglas Kuzma,

who was a vocal critic of the COVID19 vaccine, died while battling the coronavirus, which he contracted after attending a QAnonfriendly rally in Texas that the Right-wing supporters have argued baselessly had been the victim of an anthrax attack?

“I really loved him and would do anything for him,” Amanda Kuzma told the Daily Beast Thursday morning, confirming her father’s death earlier this week. undefine” held at Texas in mid-December.

Friends of Kuzma told the Daily Beast that Kuzma fell ill as a result of the event and was subsequently hospitalized, causing many of her staunch allies to lose contact. worsen “because his lungs are not responding to treatment. Doug suffers from Covid after returning from a recent patriotic conference. Anna a friend of Kuzma’s informs me that Doug has taken a bad turn, “Wood wrote.

His lungs are not responding to treatment. Tim Greer, another right-wing podcaster and good friend of Kuzma, told The Daily Beast in late December that his longtime friend tested positive for COVID19 after attending Clay Clark’s right-wing event. ent.

The conference itself was recently riddled with right-wing rumours about the allegation that Clark pumped anthrax into smoke machines. “Well he didn’t have it before he left, let’s put it that way,”

Greer said. he further told the Daily Beast that the Frog News Network radio host had been hospitalized.”Well [Kuzma] has tested positive for COVID so COVID is what it is,” Greer told The Daily Beast as he threw cold water on rumours he might be sick of ‘anthrax poisoning.

(Amanda Kuzma confirmed to the Daily Beast on Thursday morning that her father was hospitalized before his death. “I know he hasn’t answered the phone for three days, undefined” attack Last 18 months Clark denied the anthrax rumours and insisted that an interview with The Daily Beast: “There was no anthrax going through the smoke machines!

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