Best 5 Home Remedies to Reduce Hiccups

Hiccup is one of the most irritating and sudden spasms of the diaphragm of body muscles. Most people feel embarrassed in a public place if hiccups start badly. There are some common causes of hiccups and remedies to reduce hiccups that are listed below:

  • Eating too Quickly
  • Eating or drinking too much.
  • Brain tumors
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Strokes
  • Certain medication

When the body muscle spasms then the vocal is shut and produces the abnormal sound that is really very annoying. Hiccups are only just a minor problem that was thought of by people but they do not understand the major problems that occur due to routine hiccups. The Longest hiccup record is six decades.

There are some important points or home remedies to reduce hiccups that we describe in our article, where we tell you how time cured this disease or irritation or something like that. Here we explore some easy home remedies to avoid and reduce the hiccups that are listed below:

Holding Your Breath

The most simple and effective way to avoid hiccups, hold your breath for some specific time period. By Holding the breath vocal muscles come back to the rest position that’s why the hiccups stop.

Drinking a Glass of Water Fast

One of the effective ways to get rid of Hiccups is drinking a glass of water fast. In this way, the muscles come into a rest position and the irritation is gone. This the most common and useful home remedies to reduce hiccups.

Pulling Hard your Tongue

As we discussed hiccups and avoiding tips, we forgot about tongue pulling. The main reason for removing hiccups is to maintain the position of throat muscles, so if someone really wants to remove their hiccups then pull his/her tongue a little hard for a while.

Lemon Biting

Now we discuss a very irritating tip to remove hiccups. Most people don’t do this trick (Lemon Biting) is the worst trick ever used by a hiccup person. But anyway, lemon biting is one of the useful ways to remove hiccups irritation.

Breathing Smell Salt

Here is one of the finest and effective ways to avoid or prevent hiccups by breathing salt smell at a specific period of time. By doing this your hiccups will be removed easily and the throat muscles are in a rest position.

How Can Hiccups Prevent from Babies?

One of the most difficult and most irritating things is hiccups in a baby. Sometimes hiccups occurred during feeding the baby, then stopped feeding until the hiccups stopped. If the hiccups do not stop then try changing the position of the baby, rub their back until they burp. Sometimes hiccups are removed and continue feeding the baby.

Sign & Symptoms

Some of the signs & symptoms discuss here below:

  • Movement of Diaphragm forcefully
  • Sometimes red face
  • A little anger
  • Sound that comes from the throat in consistency.

How Do Medical Professionals Diagnose Hiccups?

Hiccups sometimes go their own but if hiccups stay more than 3 to 4 hours and it disturbs your sleep and eating then consult with your physician for a routine checkup and treatment. The most common way of diagnosing the hiccups is to X-Ray the neurological part of the brain.

Because it is serious most of the time, then be sure and make a routine checkup with your medical physician. Sometimes it causes pneumonia then consult with your Pulmonologist as soon as possible. When it causes your stomach problems then concern yourself with Gastroenterology and take medicine that also helps you to recover fast. 


Here we explore one of the most common and irritating diseases that occurs due to some common reasons, but these are cured in an easy way. Sometimes it would be dangerous for other body parts like the lungs and stomach, with the consultation of medical physicians they would be also cured. So Be happy and stay blessed by following these tricks and tips to prevent hiccups. We also suggest you to take serious on these home remedies to reduce hiccups.

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