AeroInsta – v20.0.1 APK MOD

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GenreSocial Networks
Size45 MB
MODDownload Stories, Reels, IGTV, Feed


AeroInsta is one of the most popular Instagram MODs with over 10 million installs. It offers many extra features that are not available in the official app, such as the ability to download stories, Reels videos, IGTV videos, and Feed.

The app is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes, so you can always expect the latest and greatest from Aero Insta. AeroInsta is for Instagram for Android with which you can enjoy functions that do not seem in the official application of this social network.

Since Facebook decided to boost Instagram due to the impossibility of buying Snapchat, this photo social network has not stopped evolving to become one of the most used and popular networks on the planet.

What Is AeroInsta?

InstaAero Modified version of GBInstagram and InstaXtreme. It is a mixer of both famous but this time AeroInsta has counted more features. Many Insta users like to modify the app.

In AeroInsta we are getting around 10+ theme modes, gold, blue, coral pink, green light tone, and multiple more.

Download AeroInsta Latest Version For Android for Free

On Instagram, we can only share photos, videos, stories, and watch reels. Better than that, we can no longer process Instagram. But AeroInsta lets us do more like download photos, videos, stories, and reels.

Copy bio, UI change, personalize chat, image or video URL copy, and more. With the latest AeroInsta, you can translate your message into other languages. Feel free to connect with many people on install.

Aero Insta: Extra Features for Your Instagram Client

aeroinsta v15.0.1 download
  • Save photos, videos, and reels to the device gallery.
  • Allow Download Notification – This feature switches you to the notice board of the post you are downloading.
  • Split Download – Downloaded videos will be saved in your gallery with the username of the Insta account.

General Setting

  • Download photos and videos in high quality.
  • Enable swipe to guide – swipe left to right to open the camera or left to right to open DM.

Story Settings

aero instagram dark red
  • Ever play stories or videos with sound.
  • Grow story upload quality.
  • Increase Railings upload quality.
  • Disable Story AutoScope – Story won’t play until you feel the screen.
  • Clear black borders in stories.
  • Upload a story without clipping.
  • Multi-Capture Photo Range – Photo capture range from 8 to 250
  • Typewriter Font – Use different fonts in the story.

Privacy Settings

aero instagram old version
  • Hide unread messages.
  • Hide typing information.
  • Hide story location.
  • Hide live stream idea.
  • Hide a seen tick or message.

Service Setting

  • Disable Updates – AeroInsta delivers a built-in auto-updates feature.
  • Allow Crash Reports – Send crash reports for Android.

Lock Setting

  • Set Lock (PIN, Fingerprint, Peter, Password) on your InstaAero
  • Set Lock Time – After setting the lock time, Instagram will be automatically locked at the pre-set lock time.
  • Set Lock Background – Set the background image on the lock.
  • Hide Notifications – When your InstaAero is locked, you won’t see notifications on your notification panel.

Additional Feed Settings

  • Long tap to zoom the image.
  • Triple tap to download posts.
  • Help double tap to like.
  • Allow video autoplay.
  • Always start the video with sound.

Insta Aero Play with sound

  • Power to automatically cast stories and posts with audio without touching the screen. Watch and create short clasps of up to 15 seconds with INSTA Reels.
  • Add special effects, background music, face filters, emojis, and stickers to get your ideas to life.
  • Upload your clever video clips and grow your audience with Explore.
  • Appreciate millions of fun, funny and informative videos.
  • Watch any video from Instagram Reels and share it with your friends.

Send messages to your friends in Direct

Create fun conversations with one or more friends about what you see in Feeds, Stories, and INSTA Reels. Video chat to connect no issue where you are.

Discover what’s trending on your favorite accounts and send it to friends. Message your friends, share posts privately, and receive chat notifications.

Post photos and videos to your INSTAGRAM AERO feed

  • Upload photos and videos instantly from your phone’s library.
  • Share content with your followers instantly.
  • Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to be featured on your profile.
  • Post short videos or photo updates of moments in your life.
  • Receive notifications when someone likes or comments on your post.

Changlog Version 16.0.0

  • Command updated to version
  • Added some secondary activation and deactivation chances.
  • Fixed some download problems.
  • Mention translation errors and new languages have been added to the translation options.
  • Updated design and other source files for fewer bugs.

What’s new

  • How to copy and translate words is hung.
  • Fixed some main crashes on some devices.
  • Fixed bug on the lock screen experience.
  • Fixed some secreted icons.
  • Other little changes and tweaks.
  • Fixed some insignificant bugs (thanks to Afif Fayaz for the info).

Is Aero Insta Safe to use?

Yes, Aero Insta is safe to use. The app is developed by a trusted developer and has been downloaded by millions of users with no reports of any safety issues.

How do I install Aero Insta?

You can install Aero Insta by following these simple steps:

  • Download the APK file from the link below.
  • Install the APK file on your Android device.
  • Open the app and start using all the amazing features

Aero Insta is one of the best Instagram MODs out there, so make sure to check it out if you’re looking for an app with more features than the official app.

AeroInsta Download APK


If you’re looking for an Instagram client with more features than the official app, AeroInsta is a great option. The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and it lets you download stories, Reels videos, IGTV videos, and Feed posts.

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